Welcome to the University of Arizona Department of Neurology! We take pride in providing world-class clinical neurology services, a top-notch neurology education for our residents and medical students, and opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research.

Founded in 1967, our department is an integral part of the College of Medicine. During the tenures of our previous chairmen, William A. Sibley, M.D., Alan B. Rubens, M.D., and Bruce M. Coull, M.D., the department developed a national reputation for excellence in resident and medical student education, patient care, and research. Our academic mission continues to evolve and the departmental vision is to maintain the best of academic neurology in terms of clinical care, teaching, and research, while adjusting these goals in line with the rapidly changing face of medicine.

Our department has training programs for neurology residents and medical students. Our graduates have gone on to prestigious fellowship programs and have had successful careers in both academic and community neurology. Whether you are an individual looking for the best neurological care, a medical student looking for top-class neurology training in an informal setting, or a neurologist looking to work with an amicable group of colleagues, feel free to browse through our web-site!